Emily Wong
Business Development
Manager &
Licensed Estate Agent

Emily is a seasoned property management professional who has been working in the industry for close to a decade. Well-equipped with extensive industry knowledge combined with strong communication skills, she has received abundant positive reviews from many clients. Emily strives and position herself to build a long-term relationship with clients through understanding their needs and evaluate their situation on a personal level. 


Emily is an independent professional who would do her utmost best to continuously add value to clients’ investment properties and strike for the most impressive outcomes at all times. Her unmeasured passion has also provided a strong desire to ensure all clients receive the highest level of service from every angle


Originally from Malaysia, Emily is bilingual; fluent in English and Mandarin which allows her to work and communicate effectively with the team and clients from all walks of life. Apart from her productive day-to-day schedule, she is family-oriented and would spend her valuable time during her off days with family or catching up with friends for some quality personal moments.

Jeri Law
Investment Negotiator & Advisor
(Licensed Estate Agent)

Armed with credentials in professional photography and IT project management, Jeri combines his creative and analytical skills with discipline and precision from his experience in the military, to get the best client outcome.

Jeri’s natural bent for detail enables him to ensure home buyers and investors are kept in shipshape, while attentively tending to queries or concerns. He thrives on the team’s ethos of providing enduring service that ensures your property journey is arranged seamlessly with the best possible assistance.

Jeri’s focus on relationships has engendered trust in the clients, who know their interests are always prioritized.

Nikki Hsu
Investment Portfolio & Marketing Assistant

Nikki Hsu has been working in real estate since 2017. Although relatively short, her experience spans across leasing, property management, office & Sales admin.

Her enthusiasm, caring nature, and can-do attitude drives Nikki to put those in need first and finds satisfaction assisting her customers in the industry. 

As a proud member of the AZeta family, Nikki embodies the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding customer service.

Outside of work, Nikki practises yoga and enjoys travelling with family and friends.

Cherry Chung
Assistant Property Manager

Cherry takes care of administrative and coordination tasks involved in property management and provides office support to the property management team. 

Fluent in English, Mandarin, and drawing on her prior experience in real estate, Cherry is equipped with a focus on effective client communication.

She enjoys forging professional, mutually trusted relationships with clients and always strives in rendering the highest level of customer service.

Away from work, she enjoys hiking and (like we all do) some good brunch!

Clement Su
Managing Director

 Clement Su is the Managing Director of AZeta Property Management Pty Ltd. He is very passionate about the property and real estate industry. He always maintains a high level of efficiency and dedication to customer service. After graduating with a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics, Clement has worked in the real estate industry since 2010. With more than 8 years of professional experience, he has carved a reputable name in the real estate industry. Returning clients are built by their trust in him for being a responsible and diligent agent. Clement's experience started with a portfolio of 20 and has grown to 2000 and counting. As a licensed real estate agent, Clement prides himself on being well informed of the ever-changing legislation. He believes in values, integrity, honesty and transparency when performing his duties.


Originally from Malaysia, Clement is well-versed in a few languages namely English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Bahasa Malaysia-Indonesia. Great communication skills have allowed Clement to excel in the culturally diverse cosmopolitan Melbourne City.