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2019 Residents' Information Night at Aurora Melbourne Central - Level 61 Cumulus Club

Another milestone achieved - Together with UEMSunrise, we celebrate the success of this Residents' Information Night here at Aurora Melbourne Central - located exclusively on Level 61 Cumulus Club.

AZeta 物业管理公司的另一个里程碑 -- 与UEM Sunrise的合作,我们成功的在Aurora Melbourne Central极光大楼61楼的Cumulus Club举办了居民资讯晚会(Residents' Information Night)。


Thank you everyone with your great support to make this Residents' Information Night so successful at Aurora Melbourne Central!

这次在Aurora极光大楼所举行的Residents' Information Night 居民资讯晚会大成功。

It's a great pleasure to have you all join this special event with us.



Big shout-outs to UEMSunrise for making this happen.

特别感谢UEM Sunrise合作共同举办这次的活动。


Special thanks to Clement Su (AZeta Property Management - Managing Director), Lawrence Mao (Westpac - Finance Manager) and Jason Wong (St Wong & Company - Director) for delivering fantastic presentations to all guests covering up-to-date property investment topics within Australia.

再来感谢这些特别嘉宾:Westpac银行的财务经理Lawrence Mao先生 、 ST Wong & Company的总经理Jason Wong先生 、 以及我们AZeta物业管理公司的董事总经理Clement Su先生,为我们所有来宾演讲了关于在澳大利亚的房产物业投资讲座。


Also, our door gifts Godiva chocolate certainly make all the guests smile!

更感谢Godiva Australia所提供的精美巧克力。



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